99% High Terpene Isolate - GSC
99% High Terpene Isolate - GSC
99% High Terpene Isolate - GSC

99% High Terpene Isolate - GSC

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This strain is back by popular request! 

 99% Hemp Isolate with PhytoTerp Strain Specific Terpenes - A.K.A High Terp Isolate

  • This concentrate is crafted in small batches by our chemists weekly.  
  • Our PhytoTerp process preserves the very light mono-terpenes and di-terpenes which normally boil off during the purging process.  
  • Our PhytoTerp Strain Specific Terpenes are carefully prepared with 100% Pure Terpenes from Hemp and Pure Therapeutic Grade Botanical Sources.    
  • Best stored in the fridge & dabbed at low temp with a carb cap. 

Phyto Family is pleased to bring you the original High Terp Isolate.  A delicious blend of isolated cannabinoids and highly purified terpenes.  Any 3rd year chemist can make CBD isolate, but what we present here is the result 3 years of R&D with a wide sample of cannabis enthusiasts.  Through constant collaboration, we have fine tuned the smell, flavour, and that feeling behind your eyes.  

Our chemists have developed our PhytoTerp process to preserve the very light mono- & di-terpenes.  These molecules are some of the more fragrant molecules found in nature and have been used by many cultures for their stimulating and relaxing effects.  There is currently more medical research on the terpenes found in cannabis than the actual cannabinoids.  

Each strain we present brings with it its own unique character.  


Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders.  If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at support@phytofamily.com




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