Capsaicin-Infused Jojoba Oil (topical) - Medium (500mg, .3%) - Rollerball

Capsaicin-Infused Jojoba Oil (topical) - Medium (500mg, .3%) - Rollerball

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Hot Pot Oil is the newest arrival to PhytoFamily!  Say hello to our favorite new phytochemical: Capsaicin.  This is the perfect topical blend combined with our Colorado hemp distillate. 

Take a peek at this article for a look into the research surrounding Capsaicin and TRPV1 receptor inhibition:

Introducing Version 2: Medium!  We've reviewed the feedback from our first release and the family asked for more hemp and capsaicin!  For this release we increased both and we're excited to hear what the family thinks.

  • 500mg CBD
  • .3% Capsaicin Chili oil from CO2-extracted Capsicum frutescens
  • 3.4ml rollerball jar

A smooth and sheer jojoba oil base combined with the rollerball makes Hot Pot Oil soak right in. We love Hot Pot Oil for massage and for large areas of the body - it's easy to apply with it's sheer texture and emollient properties.   The convenient rollerball makes it easy to tuck in your pocket or purse on the go.

Apply topically as needed. These potent peppers may stain clothing so allow a little time to soak in and keep away from white laundry. 

Keep away from the eyes, and wash your hands before touching your eyes.

Do not apply before sun exposure or indoor tanning. Capsaicin may make skin more photosensitive and increase the chance of sunburn. 

If you have sensitive skin we do not suggest using this product due to the capsaicin concentration. 

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