PhytoResin - Single Source - Full Spectrum - Otto
PhytoResin - Single Source - Full Spectrum - Otto
PhytoResin - Single Source - Full Spectrum - Otto
PhytoResin - Single Source - Full Spectrum - Otto

PhytoResin - Single Source - Full Spectrum - Otto

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PhytoResin is a high-CBG wax. It is produced with ethanol and water so there are no harsh solvents.  The PhytoResin extraction process results in the most terpene-rich hemp extract you’ll find on the market.  

The PhytoResin process also concentrates the CBG (cannabigerol) in hemp and delivers a unique cannabinoid profiles with higher CBG concentrations than Crumbles. CBG is typically found in sativa strains, making these extracts perfect for those wanting a more potent dab. 

Source: Otto strain. It is one of our highest CBG extracts, with 7% CBG. All the hemp used to make this extract comes from one field in our network of PhytoFamily Farms. 

Flavor: Very light with strong notes of the classic "cherry" flavor present in most CBD isolate.

How to Use: This extract must be dabbed at low temperatures because of the high terpene concentration.  Terpenes are very sensitive to heat, and the most delicate terpenes will boil off at low temperatures.  Low-temp dabbing ensures that you taste the true flavor of the extract without burning the delicate terpenes that give the extract its complex flavor and aroma. 

We suggest dabbing between 315-400 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you are using a quartz nail, we suggest heating for 16 seconds and letting it cool for 35 seconds before dabbing.  Always use a carb cap - this ensures your dab will continue to melt as the nail cools down, and prevents vapor from escaping your dab rig.  Every dabbing setup is different, so take some notes and experiment with the heating and cooling times to achieve the perfect dab. It is best to start at a lower temperature and go from there to ensure you don’t burn the terpenes.

About This Extract: At PhytoFamily we love to include our community in the development process of our extracts by giving you access to beta releases. We are excited to continue developing the PhytoResin process because we have seen patterns that show us there is a lot we can do to enhance this product.  

It is one of our beta projects and is the most technically difficult extract we produce.  Our PhytoResin is currently priced higher than our crumble because developing this extraction process results in a large amount of waste material.  It also requires 3 times longer on the chromatography columns than our Crumbles to achieve the high concentration of terpenes.  

We believe terpenes are one of the most exciting aspects of the hemp and cannabis plants. By purchasing our PhytoResin you are helping further the research & development of high-terpene and high-CBG extracts. We have been producing some of the finest hemp terpenes since 2015 and this year we are taking it to the next level.

<3 Daizee & Grangie


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