Tobi's Pick Full Spectrum Slabs with Strain Specific Terpenes - 500mg

Tobi's Pick Full Spectrum Slabs with Strain Specific Terpenes - 500mg

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Tobi's Pick is a random Full Spectrum Slab from one of our previous batches. We are always crafting fresh slabs and when we have extras they go into our Tobi's Pick bin so you can save big!

Full Spectrum Slabs infused with our Strain-Specific terpenes. 

There are normally 2-3 strains in the Tobi's Pick bin - if you are ordering more than 2 please note you will receive duplicates.

We have Slabbed up our High-CBD Full-Spectrum crumbles with our favorite botanically derived natural terpenes.  The process to make this product into a SLAB is just one more thing our team has perfected.  We are excited to share this new release with the family.

This extract is produced with just alcohol and water.  It is the cleanest CBD you can find on the market.

The process to create these Slabs leaves the natural terpenes unadulterated and delicious.  Combined with our Strain-Specific terpenes these are truly a unique concentrate.  Our terpenes are 100% pure and derived from hemp and botanical sources.

The beauty of our Full Spectrum Slabs are their complex cannabinoid profile.  With our 99.9% CBD Isolate, you are only getting CBD.  This is a great product, but it doesn't have much soul to it.  With these full spectrum extracts, the CBD percentage may be lower than isolate, but the CBG / CBC / CBN / CBD-V are much higher.  

We are focused on pushing our R&D on Full Spectrum Slabs to the limit right now.  Let us know what you think of our new slabs by sending us a message at

<3 Daizee & Grangie

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